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Rates & Payment


My rates are very reasonable. It is best if you contact me directly for information on session rates, because I do offer a sliding scale for new professionals, students, and those who have extenuating circumstances (e.g. job loss). 
Rates will differ according to whether you choose a regular 50 minute psychotherapy session, 1 hour and 20 minute session, or 1 hour 50 minute session.

Neurofeedback sessions are billed at a higher rate.
You may pay out-of-pocket or by using in-network or out-of-network insurance benefits (see "Insurance” below). I accept cash, check, or credit card. Payment is due at the time of the session.
If you use in-network insurance benefits, I will bill the insurance company directly for the session, although you are responsible for paying me your copay, deductible, and coinsurance amount, if applicable. Generally, I will only need your copay. 

If you use out-of-network benefits, you will pay me the entire session fee, and I will provide you with a receipt to mail your insurance company for reimbursement (sent directly to you).

A Note on Using Insurance:
Some individuals prefer not to use their insurance benefits to pay for sessions, but instead prefer to pay out-of-pocket.   The main reason for this is a privacy concern. When your information is submitted to an insurance company for reimbursement, I am required to give details concerning your diagnosis, service provided, and ongoing mental health. Another reason that individuals choose to abandon using insurance is that it gives their insurance company control over their treatment: the type they receive and number of sessions they are allowed. Of course, there are advantages to using your insurance; mostly, lower session fees. You should weigh carefully the pros and cons to decide which method of payment is best for you.

Insurance Panels

At this time I am an in-network provider for:
BlueCross BlueShield (BCBS)
I am in the process of adding other insurance panels, so always contact me directly to find out if I am an in-network provider at the time you are seeking treatment.

Also, if you plan to use use in-network benefits, please call your insurance company to verify your mental health benefits. I will verify them as well, but it is a good idea for you to be informed first-hand.
I am an out-of-network provider for other insurance companies. It is your responsibility to verify out-of-network benefits with your insurance. Some insurance providers require a pre-authorization for out-of-network treatment; therefore, you will need to check with them before being seen to determine if that is the case.
Questions to Ask Your Insurance:

Dealing with insurance can be a complicated process. Call the number on the back of your insurance card, and be sure to get answers to these questions about your mental health benefits (and don’t be shy about asking for clarification on terminology):
1.       I am interested in outpatient psychotherapy. Does this need to be pre-authorized?
2.       What is my copay?
3.       What is my deductible, and have I met any of it yet (if so, how much)?
4.       How many visits/sessions am I allowed per year?
5.       When do my benefits start over every year?
6.       What are my out-of-network benefits? What is the reimbursement rate for sessions?
7.       How do I submit my out-of-network treatment receipts for reimbursement?

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